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DSL is a type of high speed Internet. DSL runs over the same lines as your telephone access does, but unlike previous "Dial Up‟ it doesn't tie up your phone line.

A DSL Internet Connection works like this:

  1. DSL uses a modem to connect to an existing telephone jack (just like a telephone does).
  2. The modem has a power cord that must be plugged in for the modem to have power.
  3. The modem now has Internet, but the next step is to get it to your computer.
  4. You have two options: hardwired or wireless. Hardwired connection is done by connecting an Ethernet cable straight from the modem to your computer and usually provides the best connection in terms of speed and stability.
  5. A wireless connection will require a wireless router. Your computer must have some type of wireless card in it (almost all new computers have one) or you can purchase it separately. Connecting wirelessly, does just that, requires no wires. The strength of your wireless signal will depend upon where in your house the router is and how many other devices are on the connection.

Fiber (Fiber to the home - FTTH)

Fiber technology has been around for quite some time, but prior to today‟s world it was used to transport services between cities, government and/or large corporations/schools. Today, a growing trend is for communications companies to replace existing infrastructure with fiber. It is said to be the technology of the future because it can provide services to customers that neither DSL or Cable can.

Basically, fiber can carry a very large amount of information on one tiny strand of fiber for a long distance. In the past few years the world‟s internet usage habits have changed dramatically. Previously the Internet was used to read articles, send short text only e-mails and that was about it. Now we are in the video age and want SPEED! This needed speed needs to be given to consumers via a different method, as DSL and Cable Internet connections can be upgraded but eventually will run out of room to grow.

Please visit our FAQ on FTTH for more information on Fiber and some great links to more information. It is the future, know what is coming…

Internet via Cable

Cable Modem Internet is one method of getting an internet connection to your home. WC uses this method in the towns of Persia, Underwood and Neola. This uses the existing cable infrastructure to provide internet, cable tv and phone to your home. This is all done using a "Cable Modem‟.

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