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Save on Server

Save Mail on Server with POP settings

By default 'Leave copy of mail on server' is not checked, which means the feature is turned off. This method is perfect for most customers. Think of it this way: the server is just like your postal mailbox - it holds your mail until you go and get it. After you get the mail your postal mailbox is empty. For email, that is what most customers want and need to happen too. 

A few who use POP to get their mail on multiple devices (ie. computer, smartphone, tablet) may use the 'leave copy of messages on server' to allow them to get mail on their phone - which may already have been retrieved by their laptop. If this describes you, then please read the info below in order to keep from receiving duplicate emails after the mail conversion on February 1st, 2017.

Before January 30th, go into your mail settings on each of your devices and uncheck the box that says 'Leave a copy of mail on server'. This will remove emails from the server, but they will stay on all your devices until you manually remove them. Since during the conversion, we are copying all emails on the old mail server to move them to the new mail server - unchecking the box will keep you from having to sort through emails you have received previously. This is an advanced use of POP mail, so you likely have not set it up this way by accident. Yet, if you have questions, or are unsure, please call Tech Support and they will help you check your settings

After February 1, you can go back into each device and check that box again if desired. At that time, you may want to consider using iMap rather than POP for your mail. You can learn more about that by CLICKING HERE

Below are screen shots from some common mail clients, so you can see what it may look like when you are trying to make these changes.

If you have questions or are not sure if this applies to you, please contact Tech Support at 888-784-7845. 

Outlook Settings - Go to File, Account Settings, Account Settings, select account, change, check Server Information: Account Type and under More Settings, Advanced Tab:

Windows Live Mail Settings - Go to Accounts, Properites, check the Servers tab and the Advanced Tab

Thunderbird Settings - Go to Tools, Account Settings, Server Settings